It’s great to receive feedback from both parents and children that we’ve had the pleasure of coaching, below are some of the things people have had to say about our sessions (thank you all!) –

“You always have a great time with Mark and he always has as much fun as the people he coaches!”

-Cory F. (Player)

“Mark is a natural teacher, he has a great way of inspiring my son to achieve more through his own efforts. His dedication and enthusiasm is infectious. Yes practice makes perfect but it also takes detailed knowledge of the sport, which he has too!”

-Sue C. (Parent)

“Mark has given my son back his passion for basketball after losing it during a season with a disinterested coach. Mark has re-ignited his interest and his determination to improve his game. He really cares about his development and provides fantastic tips, techniques and fault-correction for him to reach his potential. Mark is also really good with the parents, making sure you’re up to date with where your child is at and what needs to be worked on in their own time. He is so approachable and friendly for any questions you may have. I could not recommend Mark more highly if you want top quality basketball coaching for your child.”

-Paul R. (Parent)

“Mark has been my basketball coach since October 2016. He has greatly improved my basketball skills in all aspects of the game. Mark has been the best coach I have ever had for basketball. I really recommend Mark as a coach if you want to take your game to the next level!”

-Jack R. (Player)

“If you’re looking at improving your child’s skills then try out MVP Basketball Coaching. MVP ‘s head coach Mark is fantastic with the kids. He works not only on their game but also on bringing out the best in your child. He pays attention to what your child needs as well as what they want to improve on their game. Definately consider MVP Basketball Coaching to help your child. My child has improved dramatically since having Mark as one of his coaches during the last couple of years.”

-Schona M. (Parent)

“I can’t recommend MVP Basketball Coaching highly enough, Mark’s dedication and passion for the game is second to none and his ability to be able to get the most of each kid’s skills is exceptional. Mark coached my son in REP basketball for only one season and his skills and attitude improved immensely.”

-Julie H. (Parent)

“Stumbled into MVP during school holidays. My boy Nathan 9 is loving it. His skills have improved since starting training on Sat morning. Can see a huge difference in his school games. Thanks guys! P.S: he did a cross over move during one of his game. missed the lay up though. but its was sick seeing him pulling of moves MVP taught him. For $20 an hour, keeping your kids fit = bargain! Give it a go guys, promise you wont be disappointed.”

-An D. (Parent)